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The Ocean Guardian Challenge! 

Start your school's challenge by holding a Plastic Education Day  

Get your School on the map and let's change the world! 

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13,364 Learners

635 Teachers

5 Countries

115 Schools

Welcome to the Challenge!

Our Aim

Curriculum is key and here's an opportunity to do something relevant in your school that engages children, links to local and global issues and inspires passion.

Join the Plastic Education community by working towards an Ocean Guardian Accreditation. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to support all schools in their different circumstances - but the levels are benchmarked so that with a little work everyone is capable of being accredited and you can demonstrate your school's global responsibility. Our goals are to: 

  1. Help schools to reduce their plastic footprint
  2. Get young people learning about plastic
  3. Connect people with their local water environment

First step - host a Plastic Education Day! 

Get inspired by our 'Ocean Guardian Assembly'  

Here is the Youtube Video (link) that you can use in your promotion to parents and learners. 

If, like probably most of us, you play assembly videos from a laptop, we have saved the video file on Dropbox (link) for you to directly download to your system so you don't suffer from download speeds.

Good luck! 


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Accreditation Guide

Here is your complete guide to taking part. A fulsome overview detailing the OGC accreditations, how to take part and what we hope to achieve.

Download the guide

Supporting documents 

Accreditation forms

How your School can get involved


Bronze level requirements

  • Sign up for the Ocean Guardians Challenge school assembly
  • Your school newsletter references your target to achieve Ocean Guardian accreditation and links to website shortly after you sign up for the assembly.
  • Whole school assembly delivered to share key Ocean Guardians Challenge messages around any or all topics of pollution, plastics, recycling or protecting the environment.
  • A lesson (or lessons) taught to at least 25% of the school’s population that address topics of either pollution, plastics, recycling or protecting the environment.  (Lesson plans to be uploaded to Plastic Education website for evidence)
  • Class, Key Stage or School Pledge created explaining what steps the school and children will take to make a difference to our environment.  ‘Before’ and ‘After’ statistics demonstrate impact towards specific school ambitions.
  • ‘Ocean Guardians’ display space created to report the progress towards pledge targets.
  • School has contacted their local watersports providers and begun a conversation about engaging children with watersports.

Silver level requirements

  • All of bronze level requirements, plus:
  • Complete the ‘Money Box Buoy’ or ‘Plastic Bottle Boat’ upcycling challenge. Photographic evidence sent to Plastic Education team via social media or email.
  • Send pictures/video of the school educating children about plastic to be used within the Ocean Guardians Assembly.
  • At least 2 lesson plans across different year groups contributed to the resource section of using the official planning format, with resources where applicable.
  • Establishment of Ocean Guardian committee.  Ocean Guardians appointed in each class to lead recycling scheme and meet termly to discuss how school can become more environmentally friendly.  Schools that already have ‘Eco Councils’ will be able to amalgamate the two, however there will have to be minuted discussions with regard to reducing the use of plastics from each meeting.
  • Recycling system established (or in place) in school to filter paper, plastic and aluminium from landfill waste.  Evidence of increasing volumes of recycling provided.
  • School website post and Newsletter update dedicated to reporting Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge or Ocean Guardian committee to the community.
  • Ocean Guardian committee provide one yearly report to Governors or Trust board to explain their progress in year and ambitions for the future, minuted in Governors report.
  • School to have delivered an opportunity for a year group or wider to participate in water sports activity day, possibly using Sports Premium.
  • Letters sent to local government from children to ask about initiatives to improve environment and ask elected leaders to act.

Gold level requirements

  • All of silver requirements, plus:
  • Water sport engagement for identified groups of children to be a part of yearly Sports Premium action plan
  • Children from the school actively participating in on the water sports (sailing, canoeing, SUPing)
  • Parental engagement program to encourage positive environmental awareness and actions.
  • Specific and measurable impact on local community (beach clean, park clean etc.)
  • Letters sent to local MP by children to reinforce their views and ask for representative support, reply received to acknowledge children’s views.
  • School
  • Get Afloat venue