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Plastic Education 2019

Let's start with the slightly disappointing news....For the Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge 2018, we launched a record number of boats, but we don't have the evidence to satisfy Guinness...

We are really sorry and we know this news will be a bit of a let down, but we are finally calling time on last year's epic attempt to break the multi venue Guinness World Record.  In our last email to schools we still needed a good deal more evidence (that met the Guinness threshold) to pass the qualification number to set a new record and we are still sadly a way short. It is disappointing that the hard work is not going to achieve the threshold result we wanted, but we tried hard, our children learned and we have a wonderful platform that has inspired people and we are determined to continue forging forwards.. 

Now, stick with us because the future shizzle is about to get more serious (and fun - if that's not an oxymoron...).  We're not about to quit our collective quest to educate the world - the global plastic problem goes on - and so do we!

We're proud to introduce our upcycled 'Ocean Guardian Accreditation' which includes the 'Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge' as a part of the family, but casts the net wider and offers opportunities for you to continue to engage children, localise this learning to fit your curriculum needs, help the planet and continue to make an active difference. We have up-cycled our ambitions and recycled the website to present a new accreditation for all schools in recognition of their efforts to educate young people about plastic.  

We're also delighted to announce that in recognition and thanks for the efforts you went through - every school that submitted evidence for the 2018 PBBC will now become an accredited Bronze level Ocean Guardian School!  Congratulations!!  We're sorting out your certificates as we speak.

These significant changes to our education project are designed to benefit you.  They will enable us to truly reflect your school’s commitment to plastic education, open up avenues for you to integrate these principles into your curriculum (a BIG thing at the moment given OFSTED's new focus into a wider and more meaningful curriculum) and support you to publicly recognise your contribution to this global initiative. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold awards that will display your school’s activities and achievements - your result is totally independent to the performance of other schools. 

… and there’s more - Our new endeavour to bring us all together, at one point and time, is the ‘Ocean Guardian Assembly’ uniting our learners around the world! Save the date and join your school assembly with ours from 9:15 to 9:45 on Friday 7th June, 2019, on the day before World Oceans Day. 

The assembly will feature both the current messages on ocean plastic from the specialists and material sent from the schools taking part - you guys. We will encourage you to submit any great examples from your school (video, pictures and comments) in advance and we will do our best to include you as a key part of our Ocean Guardian assembly.

There are many reasons to be joyful as we are all bang on message with Plastic Education!  In December 2018 plastic was lifted to one of the current focuses for the DfE.  They announced that they are challenging schools to go single-use plastic free by 2022, read more. 

All schools that took part in the 2018 Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge, delivered plastic education at their schools and submitted evidence for the Guinness World Record will be awarded with the Bronze Level Accreditation. Congratulations!  This is our recognition and thanks to you for your effort and commitment and a shiny new certificate is on its way!

Before we go, let’s say a big hello to the eighteen new schools who joined us through the winter months.  

  • Silverton C of E Primary School
  • Crook Primary    
  • Bures Primary    
  • Bradley
  • Canary Wharf College
  • Maxilla Bay Sailing
  • Clacton Sea Cadets
  • Higher Bebington Junior School
  • Ashlands Church of England first School
  • St Francis Catholic and Church of England Primary Academy
  • Joseph Leckie Academy
  • Ashton Keynes CE Primary School
  • Langton Green Primary School
  • Surrey Hills All Saints C of E Primary School
  • St Pauls C of E Primary school Addlestone
  • Crawforddyke Primary School
  • Park School
  • Roman Way Primary School

We are rapidly closing in on 100 Schools and heading towards our 10,000th learner, thank you for reading, keep sharing and let's gear up for Plastic Education 2019!